Sharon Blackman

Sharon Blackman Head Coach

9th City of Chichester Open 2017

Chichester District Council
The Westgate Leisure Centre

City of Chichester Open

Saturday June 10th 2017
Sunday June 11th 2017

Westgate Leisure Centre
, Via Ravenna, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1RJ

Saturday 10th June Close of check-in Sunday 11th June Close of check-in
Men's Épée 9.00am Men's Foil 9.00am
Women's Épée 10.00am Women's Foil 10.00am
Mixed TEAM  At end of individual. Mixed TEAM  At end of individual.
Competition run to BFA rules, subject to Organisers’ discretion. Fencers must be born 2003 or earlier.

Enter Here:
 Fee £25 per weapon

date for entries
: 5th June 2017

Late entries at the discretion of the Organisers - £40 per event will be strictly applied.
 Email for information about late entries.
If you are delayed on the day, phone:
07939 070 390 or 07850 437 704


Saturday 10th June
Mixed Epee Team Event
"Sharon Blackman Cup"
All epeeists entering the Individual event are eligible to enter the Mixed Epee Team. The number of teams will be limited, so enter soon. Entry of a team before the closing date for the Individual will cost £15.00, entry on the day of the competition £20.00.

Sunday 11th June
Mixed Foil Team Event
"The David Lichfield Cup"
This is to mark the amazing service given by David Lichfield to fencing in Great Britain, and to Chichester Fencing Club and the City of Chichester Open in particular. Entry of a team before the closing date for the Individual will cost £15.00, entry on the day of the competition £20.00. Teams consist of 3 - 4 fencers, all must be BF members, and we would love it if there were at least one man and one woman in each Team!
To enter Teams email:


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